Saturday, October 28, 2006

Day 2

Daily Results: $-158.80
Current Bankroll: $389.47
Day 2 BR Goal: $540
Difference: $-150.53

Well, today sucked. I started the day out losing a giant pot when i overplayed a KQ....Guy raised from MP to $1.50, and i called from the BB...flop came Q high, i checked, he bet $3 and i check/raised to 8. He called and the turn brought a blank...i led out $10 and he pushed for $18 more. I called, and he showed the one hand i was worried about, AQ. After that i just didnt get much going, i made back like $15 and decided to switch over to playing on doyles room where i ran so well yesterday.

As i should have expected, I am totally incapable of running hot for more than a few hours at a time. I had a guy immediately to my left who's only play was all in or fold. I made a loose call against him early on with A10 and blanked against his AJ. I kept waiting and waiting for another chance at him, when i finally got one....i raised to $2.50 with QQ and he pushes all in for ~$40...exactly what i wanted...i call and he turns over A10offsuit. the flop comes all rags, but 2 diamonds. A Queen of diamonds on the turn makes me my set, but the Ace of diamonds on the river gives him his runner runner flush to take down the pot.

So with this huge hit to the bankroll, I'm pretty behind schedule, but its only the 2nd day of this little experiment so we'll see how tomorrow goes. I think i do need to make a few minor adjustments though, playing full ring on FTP i need to tighten up a little, especially with a raise before me. And 6max on doyles room i just need to be patient and let the maniacs there just give me their chips when i have a big hand. As opposed to going out and attacking them like i did today. We'll see how it works out, and hopefully i'll have something good to write about tomorrow.


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