Sunday, October 29, 2006

Day's 3 & 4

On Saturday (day 3) i played $50NL 6max on doyles room, i started off at a dream table, i had a maniac (90/33 - vpip/pfr) immediately to my right who was luckboxing the whole table before i sat down. I stayed patient with him, waited for quality hands and laid the hammer down when i got them. My strategy was to come in for a big re-raise on him to isolate and then to continually over bet the pot as long as i felt my hand was good. Fortunately enough, it worked out, all my hands held up against him and after felting him, I left the table $+113.

Things didnt go so smoothly on my other tables during that session, i ended up losing ~$60 on on table and making back a little over $20 of it on 2 other tables for the night. In all i finished the day $+70.23.

Today (day 4) I really havent played much at all. I played the $8 + .80 $2000 Guarantee on Doyles room this afternoon. In which I played and ran really well and was sitting pretty, with a stack good enough to cruise to the money when I imploded.

The same person had check raised me on the flop in 2 consecutive hands that i raised preflop and c-bet to which i folded to his raise. A few hands later i picked up AQs UTG and he called my raise from the BB. the flop came out 36J...he checked, i c-bet and once again he check/raised me. We had roughly even stacks and at this point I thought i was just being pushed around. I figured at most he had a hand like 77, or 88 and i had plenty of chips to blow him off that. So, i push all in and he calls with AJ...i of course lose and finish 39th, about 10 spots short of the money. I know it was a bad play, most likely caused by my lack of tournament experience and a bit of ego not wanting to fold to a 3rd check raise. I promise this though, its not going to happen again.

So i guess that leaves the total for day 4 at $-8.80. As for now, its time to hit the bar and back to the cash games tomorrow.


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