Friday, January 19, 2007

Going for broke.

Well, in light of recent events, such as NETELLER pulling out of the US market. Noone really knows whats going to happen with Internet Poker in the US in the coming months. If anything, the games are going to get a lot tougher as the "fish" wont want to jump through all the hoops its going to take to get money onto a poker site now. So, I say fuck it. I'm going to try and make the most of online poker while i still have it. Right now my bankroll sits at a little over $700 and I'm playing $50Nl. Basically I'm just going to accelerate my goals for the year. I'll play $50Nl until my roll is $1000 or a little more, and then I'll start taking shots at $100NL. Hopefully those shots go well, and I can stay at $100nl....if they dont, i'll drop back down to $50nl if my roll drops to $600 (moving back up again at 1000). If my shot at 100 goes well, I'll start taking shots at $200nl once I hit $2000. Again, dropping back down to 1oo if my roll drops to 1k. If i do in fact make it to 200nl...I'll probably stay there for a while before ever taking a shot at $400nl.
The reason being, from all those I've talked to, the skill level jumps between $50 and $200nl isnt all that significant...and right now I'm fairly confident that i can easily beat $100nl once I get some money behind me.

Well, thats basically going to give up a little cushion in the bankroll in order to more quickly move up limits while things are so unstable in the online poker world, hopefully I succeed, if not its not the end of the world to have to drop back down...after all, id rather have to cash out $1k from online and head to the B&M casino if the damn government brings it to that rather than be a total idiot and blow everything I have right now. We'll see how it goes...wish me luck....


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