Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A new year....

2006 wasn't a very good year for me. Although I came out ahead at years end, it was a struggle all year long and I never felt very confident or satisfied with my game and results. But hey, It's a new year, a fresh start, another chance to turn it all around.

Currently I'm still grinding it out at the 25NL games, once i dropped down last year I found that i had a lot of work to do on my game and am still working that all out along with getting a decent bankroll back together after blowing it all on my vegas trip last summer.

For now these are the general goals I'll be working towards in 2007.

- Play Roughly 15k hands per month
- Earn enough points for Plasma TV from Full Tilt Store (roughly 290k points to go! lol)
- Reach and Maintain a bankroll of at least $5000 before year end.
- Maintain a comfortable bankroll level so that Rakeback payments can be cashed out and invested in some form.
- Be playing and winning at $200NL (or higher) by year end.

As for non-poker goals id like to see happen this year:
I'd like to finally start putting my degree to work in some kind of full time job! Hopefully this will happen later this month or early February.
I'd also like to save up enough money to buy a new car sometime this year. But obviously this wont be happening unless the first one does! (unless i hit some kind of ungodly year long heater in poker?!)

Thats about all i have for now. Hopefully these will be the minimum of what I'll achieve this year! Maybe I should have added keeping this blog updated to one of those lists, oh well.

For now, its time to get started....


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