Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Days 5 &6

The last 2 days have been very good for me, playing on doyles room has been a great time. It seems like people have just been throwing their money at me, combine that with running well and it's been a lot of fun. Full tilt hasn't been as good to me although ive been winning there too. Its really amazing how different 2 sites can play. While sitting at a 6max $50nl table on full tilt the loosest person at my table had a vpip of 35. with all the other players coming in at 24 or lower. At the same time, my table on doyles room (same stakes, 6max) had 3 players of vpip's over 50...with one moron coming in at a whopping 92. While both tables can be profitable, its much easier to be sitting at the one where the guy will call off 1/2 his stack with middle pair. (as long as he doesnt turn that into 2 pair or trips....please poker gods, dont throw the switch on me!!).

Anyways, Monday, Day 5 ended up $+94.84
and Tuesday, day 6 ended up $+126.07

i also tried another $8.80 $2000 guaranteed at doyles room which is technically on Wednesday, day 7 which i ran card dead the whole time and busted out in 79th well short of cashing. But I'll probably forget to add that in when i update tomorrow, so I'll throw it in now.

With the end of the month, that means I'll have rakeback money coming my way soon in the weeks to follow. I don't think I'll be getting all too much from either site because A) I'm clearing a bonus at Full Tilt and B) I didn't play on either FTP or Doyle's Room for half the month either. So yeah, rakeback coming...i cleared another $20 in bonus on FTP today and hopefully I'll keep winning! Check back in tomorrow.


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