Thursday, January 25, 2007

nearing the end of the month

With a little less than a week left in the month, I've just crossed the 15k hand mark and Goal #1 for the month/year has been achieved. So far this month ive put in 11.2k hands at 25nl...3500 hands at 50nl and about 3oo or so at 1/2 LHE. The way things are shaping up I think I'll end up with 16.5k or 17k hands this month. And even better than getting in as many hands as i wanted (and more) Is that I've been winning, all month long. Its been a real long time since ive played a full month and just steadily won. Even more reassuring is that in the past I haven't played as many hands per month as I do now (due to 4 tabling now vs 2 tabling in the past). So it's very reassuring to see results like this over a larger sample. My game has been FAR less swingy and I've been making far better decisions.
My bankroll is nearing 1k at this point and as i said in my previous post, I'll take a few shots at 100nl at that time. With some time between all that neteller news and the following days, i don't think the situation is as desperate as when i wrote that post, but things are definitely still unsure as to how long online poker will be this good. I think that due to all the recent developments, right now, more than ever its important to constantly work to improve my game and start taking it to the next level. As the fish dry up, and lack the motivation to jump through whatever hoops are going to be necessary to fund a poker account, the games will get tighter and I'll have to be a truly better player to be the type of winning player i want to be. As for now though, i couldn't be happier with how im playing and how the cards are falling.


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