Saturday, November 04, 2006

Booyah! (days 8&9)

After the bad session i talked about in my last entry, i came back on Thursday and made a little over $60 in a few short sessions.

Today (friday), I didnt play at all except for a $10+1 90Man SnG on Full Tilt which started at 1130pm. I've been coming close in tournaments latley so I wanted to put together a solid effort.

Things started out really well, I doubled up on the 5th hand of the tournament when i caught a set of 2's which turned into a full house and luckily my opponent made the trips on the board and was more than happy to play for stacks. That was pretty much all there was to talk about for most of the tournament. I played pretty tight, picked up a few small pots and tried to stay out of trouble.

The top 18 places paid and with around 25 people remaining i was pretty shortstacked. I still had a fair number of chips compared to the blinds at that point, but against the field i was near the bottom. Then i picked up QJ in late position, i put in a smallish raise to try and take down the blinds. I got one caller from the SB and we took the flop which came out 972. He checked and I followed suit behind. The turn brought a J...he checked I bet a little more than half the pot and he called. The river brought an Ace and he insta-pushed. At this point i was committed, so i closed my eyes and called. He turned over K10 and i doubled up. 2 hands later, i raise with 89s...get one caller who folds to my cbet on the flop and what do ya know. with 20 players left I'm the chip leader with 44k in chips.

I didn't get crazy with the chip lead and did just enough blind stealing to keep the chip lead heading into the final table. The final table turned out to be the tightest final table I've ever played. 25 minutes into the final table and we still had 6 players remaining. It was even more absurd because the average "m" at the table was around 8 or 9. As the chip leader mine was only 11. Finally the pace started to pick up as I busted out the next player and 2 more followed shortly after. Down to 3 handed all our stacks were pretty even. We traded chips between the 3 of us for a few levels when finally I raised from the button with T5 of spades. The small blind called and we took the flop which came out 743 with one spade. He checked and I pushed all in for what was about a pot sized bet. To my surprise he called and turned over his monster...K10 offsuit. The turn brought the 8 of spades giving me a little more hope, but the river bricked and I was out in 3rd place. I may have been able to play the hand differently, but I knew for sure that he didnt hit that flop so i figured i had plenty of chips to get him to lay down most over card and Ace high type hands. I think his call was pretty bad, but I guess if he thought i was stealing with rags then he made a good call. Either way, I cashed for $99 (much needed as i had to cash out 50 today) and walked away happy with how I played.

I dont know how much playing i'll get in tomorrow, but i'm sure i'll spend plenty of time at the tables on sunday if nothing else.


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