Friday, March 02, 2007

Its been a while

Well, i guess to begin I'll recap the past month or so.

January went well, I made just shy of $600 profit and met all the other goals i set for the month.

February....a totally different story. I dropped about $600 in the first week and a half of the month...took some time off, dropped back down to $25nl and grinded out a nice rebound before losing another $150 back at $50nl on the last day of the month.
When it was all said and done, i ended February a $300 loser. I also only got in 11.6k hands and fell short of maintaining my status in FTPs Iron man challenge. Needless to say, im very unhappy with how that turned out.

Anyways, its officially march now, and i started off the month with a touch under $700 to my FTP account. I played for about an hour on the afternoon of the 1st and dropped about $35 playing $ big deal. I sit down for my nighttime session and proceed to go on one of the best heaters ive had in a looooooooooong time. I played about 1500 hands, had AA 12 times...winning 11 times. I hit about 8 different sets and my oppponents basically acted exactly how i wanted them too in every hand. By the end of it i was sitting with just about 4 buy ins on 2 different tables and ended the session up $280. Doenst sound like much, but running at 18.5PTBB/100 sure is fun for a change!!! If only it could last.

Anyways, my goals for the rest of the month:

Since i got off track last month I'll keep them modest.

Play at least 15k hands.
Reach 'Silver' in FTP's Iron Man Challenge once again.
Play/Run well enough to stay at $50nl and not have to drop back down again this month.

and finally, at the end of the month have at least $2000 in my FTP account. I'm hesitant to even say that because its been a goal for months and months now, yet ive never broken that barrior. It seems every time i come close, i hit some sort of big downswing/monkey tilt to put a major hit on my bankroll. If i play well and put the hands in i should get there, so hopefully i can do it.


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