Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The ides of march

Wow, what a month its shaping up to be. As I said in my previous blog, I ran really hot over the first 3 days of the month. After that It was basically a week and a half of breaking even, every session I was either posting a small win or small loss, no real movement either way. Then I logged on to FTP on the 16th of the month. I played a real long session and ran amazingly hot, when it was all said and done I played almost 2000 hands and ended up +$303 all at 50nl. I felt I also played really during this session and it was exactly what I needed for both my bankroll and confidence. Other than the cash games I also took down a small sit n go on Absolute along with a small cash in a MTT also on absolute to combine for another $40 or so on the day.

The St. Patricks day weekend didnt involve much poker playing (thank god). Because i spent the weekend in a drunken haze, as can be expected! Today (well, i guess technically yesterday at this point) was my first day back to playing, and again I ran super hot. I put in a touch over 1000 hands today and booked a $163 win in the 50nl games. Early in the session I hit my second ever royal flush :-) (as pictured below, lol)

Not long afterwards, I flopped Quad Tens, and took down a medium sized pot. Today was definitely all about having the deck hit me in the face, because i dont think i played all that well. The cards definitely turned against me near the end of the session, but there were a bunch of hands I felt I played badly and was bailed out by the cards. I also left a lot of money on the table in certain hands early on. After i got done on the cash tables i played 4 sit n gos over on absolute. I've been playing the $6+1's just as something different, and to try and build up my bankroll over there, i didnt see any hands at all in the 4 i played tonight, well, save for AA in the very last one, but lucky me....i was up against a KJ who ended up making quads. Anyways i didnt finish higher than 5th in the SnG's tonight which kind of kills the good vibes i had going from the past few cash sessions.

Hopefully the month keeps going as is, I plan to keep putting in a lot of cash game hands on full tilt, and use the small roll i have over on absolute to play sngs and some small mtt's because i dont really care if i lose the money over there, and id like to improve all areas of my tournament game. Till next time...here's to running good!


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