Monday, July 02, 2007

Wow, a real long time!

Well, the reason you haven't heard from me in so long is due to some big life news....

I am now officially a member of the "Real world". *cheers* *applause*

Well, its not really that exciting. But since the middle of April I've been gainfully employed by Citigroup and at the beginning adjusting to what it takes to bring home a real paycheck severely cut into my poker!! *booooo*

But now that I'm settled in to a regular routine, I'm able to get in more hands at the tables.

For now, heres the quick results of how I've been doing since I last wrote.

April: I only got in a touch over 6000 hands and ended the month +$205.

May: A few more hands, 9200 for the month. And +$511 for the month.

June: Now this is where it gets fun! To start the month I finally made my first trip to the casino to play some 1/2 NL.

It was pretty much a dream scenario from the start. My table from the start was loose/passive preflop...lots of limping. And real weak/tight postflop. I couldnt catch many hands early on, and was stuck about $160 after an hour and a half.

Then, the rush came....

I started running real hot, and playing even better. I was picking up a ton of pots without ever having to show my cards, and on the occasions i got action on my hands, i ended up with winners. I could break down some hands here, but honestly, i don't remember many and am way too lazy to type them right now. After it was all said and done I ended up a +$700 winner.

Online also went extremely well for June. I played about 8200 hands and won +$1200. Splitting between 50nl and 100nl.

The plan for July is to play 100nl full time. I've been playing real well for the past few months and feel real comfortable with what 100nl I've played so far (about 2k hands or so).

I guess that's it for now, as always, ill try to write more often for the 2 people that are bored enough to ever come here.


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