Friday, September 15, 2006

checking in

Not too much to report, i havent done much playing latley because ive been pretty busy with other stuff. Namely the numerous interviews ive been on for this damn job im trying to get! The little poker i have been able to play hasnt been much to write about, good or bad. I've been just a touch better than breakeven. The bankroll is approaching $300 (only 10x less than where i thought id be at the beginning of the year!). Coming soon im going to post my daily plan for turning this into a real bankroll and having some money to work with rather than just killing time at micro tables.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


We'll things are still pretty rocky on the poker front. I started of at $25NL and am currently running at (58.38) BB/100. Sounds fun doesnt it??!! Luckily i ran pretty well playing .5/1 limit and regained some of my losses. Honestly it really sucks playing these games, i havent played .5/1 limit in 2 years but i guess its whats neccicary right now as i cant really afford to re-deposit.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Starting Over.

"...and after paying back the professor, I was right back where I started. With 3 stacks of high-society..." - Rounders

I know i haven't updated this in a while, so this is gonna be a long one, and im sure you can guess by the title, things havent been goin so well.

The last time I updated, I was on my way to vegas. Well, vegas didnt exactly go as planned. I had an amazing time, and played a ton of poker, the problem was, I ran horribly bad the whole week. Admittedly i didnt play my 100% "A" game the whole week either, but for the most part I feel I played well, but never really had the cards go my way. So between what I spent during the trip and what I lost at the tables (not even counting what i spent to book the trip) my bankroll was pretty much dead.

Just in case something like this happened, I left myself an 'emergency' $100 in neteller to keep my online habits alive. So, returning from vegas I made a bet. My friend was going away for 2 weeks and i bet that by the time she returned, I would have turned that $100 into at least $1000. And for 2 weeks, the planets were aligned correctly, I ran amazingly hot and played great on top. At the end of the 2 weeks I had run $100 up to $1200 by playing 5max $50NL on

Things were going great, I was unstoppable. So i took that $1200 and deposeted back into FullTilt to clear the reload bonus they were offering. And this is where i hit the wall. Hard. I honestly dont think ive had more than one winning day in a row since then and my bankroll was in a freefall. Between running bad, playing bad and tilting I turned that $1200 back into $160.

So like the quote at the top of the page says, here I am, back down to around $150. Which is how much money I initially lost playing poker before I turned it all around and became a 'winning' player. (although I'm having serious doubts that i ever achieved that title recently.) I really have accomplished a lot with poker though. My initial goal was to make $400 so I could buy myself an ipod, which i did. Then i built my roll up enough to where I was able to pay for a flight, hotel, and spending/gambling money for a vacation in vegas. Now im back at the beginning...i really dont have a "goal" right now other than to build my bankroll and keep moving up the limits.

I think the plan to do so is as follows:
I'm going to put my $160 into FullContactPoker where i'll start clearing the bonus money i have saved there in small amouts as i (hopefully) get back to some winning ways.
After that i'll head over to doyles room and finish clearing the sign up bonus which i started oh so long ago. Once I finally claim that $550 (and some nice rakeback payments along the way) I should once again have a respectable bankroll to start climbing up the ladder again!

That is, if I dont go busto first.....